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The responsibility of taking care of ageing parents

Your parents ask for you at their hour of need, how do you respond?

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Why it’s important to understand menopause

In our country, talking about menopause is considered a stigma.

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Full-time internships for students don’t make sense

Full-time internships for full time students? Something doesn't add up.

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Grameenphone Academy: A step towards getting the workforce future-ready

In a sit-down interview, Toggle had a conversation with Cecilie B. Heuch, EVP and Chief People Officer, Telenor Group; Yasir Azman, CEO, Grameenphone and Syed Tanvir Husain, CHRO, Grameenphone, to...

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Importance of building a network as a fresh graduate

The importance of networking is endless. Here are some of the more noteworthy points to consider when building a network as a fresh graduate.

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Our top picks for wireless mechanical keyboards under Tk. 8,000/-

If you are looking for an affordable mechanical wireless keyboard that will complement your workstation, this guide is for you. 


The shooting for this project was during the pandemic, but the situation was not as bad back then as it is now. We shot the film around February and March of this year.

Kurdish Massacres One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

For those who believe in the fairy tale of original sin, Adam and Eve, so goes the narrative, partook of the forbidden fruit, fell from grace, and were forever banished from the garden.

The Politics of Indigeneity and the Jumma struggle for land and recognition

In May 2011, Iqbal Ahmed—first secretary of the Bangladesh Mission in New York—stated at the 10th session of the United Nations

Four Challenges to Governance in South Asia

Although there is no universally accepted definition of the term governance, it has become a buzzword since the 1980s.

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"LASCARi: Bangla heritage story to be staged in Glasgow tomorrow

Bangladesh heritage community in Glasgow will be presenting their production “LASCARi” (Lascar Ami) at The Tall Ship, Glasgow, tomorrow at 3:30 pm and 5 pm.

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Films, flashing lights, and stars: Cannes Film Festival concludes today

The Cannes Film Festival geared up for a bumper 75th anniversary edition with a selection of big Hollywood names, buzzy newcomers and previous Palme d’Or winners from May 17– a splashy return even...

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Satyajit Ray’s ‘Golpo Bolpo Tarini Khuro’ to be adapted in Hindi

A Hindi film adaptation of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s short story, “Golpo Bolo Tarini Khuro”, is in the works.  Ananth Narayan will direct the film, titled “The Storyteller”.

Following in her father’s footsteps

Fauzia Beethi is not a political figure in her area, but everybody knows her in Bogura’s Dhunat upazila for her philanthropic works.

For the love of a language

In a country where people laid down their lives about seventy years ago to uphold the dignity of their mother tongue, Bangla, the struggle is still on to preserve mother tongues of smaller ethnic...

The pursuit of a dignified life

Giving away her hard-earned income to the destitute, Dil Afroze Khuki of Rajshahi chose a life of constant battles. ...

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Remembering Rammohun Roy

It is now commonplace to call Rammohun Roy the ‘Father of Modern India’; it is much less common to understand or appreciate the historical and ideological content and context of this modernity.

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Raja Rammohun Roy: An Autobiographical Sketch

In conformity with the wish, you have frequently expressed, that I should give you an outline of my life, I have now the pleasure to give you the following very brief sketch:-

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Floral economy of Bengal

During the Mughal period, gardens were a ubiquitous element of the city landscape. Dhaka, once capital of the Bengal Subah, was no exception, and the names of some areas of the city such as Shahbag...

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Women’s attires are reason the country is bad in all indexes: Study

“Corruption is high in Chapasthan. Do you guys really know why? Because of the dresses and clothes the women of this country wear,” Jamanai Mia, the chief researcher of Meyeder Poshak Gobeshona...

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Don’t judge a judge by his designation

Prodhan Biplob, a self-proclaimed judge and a revolutionary by name, was arrested by police in Chapasthan while establishing the veracity of the axiom “Don’t judge a judge by his designation”. 

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Where the date for the next meeting is set

A high-powered research firm has found that scheduling the next meeting was the only outcome in 98 percent of meetings in companies surveyed.  

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Where your pets feel at home

Rakibul Haq Emil, the Founder of PAW Foundation, along with Nuzhat Nabila and Khalid Farhan launched Furryghor, a hotel for pets, in February 2022. Nabila is an architect by profession, while...

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BD K-Family celebrates cultures at Dhaka K-Meet 6.0

Dhaka K-Meet 6.0 was organised by the BD K-Family on May 20, 2022 at Tokyo Square Convention Centre. The BD K-Family community is the first and only South Korean cultural community, which...

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Reigning over the hockey field

A girls’ hockey team in Jhenidah has made their presence felt at various competitions. This correspondent visited Jhenidah Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman Stadium to talk to the players of the team....