Today's Gallery (2022.05.14)

A two-storey building stands on a wetland in the capital’s Nandipara. A makeshift bamboo bridge is the only way for its residents to get in and out of home. Many other landlords in the area have put up such risky structures, showing complete disregard for the safety of the residents. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Traders have set up temporary shops occupying part of the Dhaka-Chattogram highway in Siddhirganj’s Shimrail area. Such occupation of roads adds to traffic woes of commuters. The photo was taken on Thursday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
A family of four loading bundles of harvested paddy onto a pickup in Khagail area of Sylhet’s Companiganj upazila yesterday. Fearing that persistent thunderstorms and rain will damage the paddy, farmers and their family members have been braving the elements and working tirelessly to harvest the crop and transport it to the safety of their homes. Photo: Sheikh Nasir