1d ago| Editorial

Protect wildlife in Lawachhara

It is quite alarming that open electrical lines going right through the Lawachhara forest are turning into a death trap for different species of wildlife there.

1d ago| Editorial

Public trust vital for acceptability of any EC law

Govt should invite scrutiny from all stakeholders before passing it

2d ago| Editorial

Public transport cannot be held hostage

It is hardly believable from the current state of affairs on our roads that we’re going through a still-raging pandemic. As the country witnesses

4d ago| In Focus

Revisiting the Bengal Famine of 1943

The 1930s in Bengal were devastating for the poor. Global depression since 1929 had disabled the economy, and across the province there was ample evidence of starvation.

2w ago| In Focus

Folk songs of East Bengal

East Bengal has a population of about 45 millions and an area of about 15,000 square miles. Less than three per cent of its people have any education in the real sense of the term. The only way in...

3w ago| In Focus

The indefatigable public intellectual and political mobiliser

A small incident took place at a school in Burdwan in 1944. A class teacher of Grade 7 was wrongly reprimanding a student, accusing him of stacking all the high benches of the classroom against the...