Together for half a century

In this Eid special, we talked life and experience with Ramendu Majumdar and Ferdousi Mazumder, the evergreen couple.

1w ago| Perspective

How not to steal somebody’s work: Plagiarism

In today’s world of free flowing ideas and open content on the web, plagiarism is often a matter of concern, across all industries with a creative element.

1w ago| Lifestyle

Sepnil Disinfectant Spray For a Clean and Safe Surrounding

For households with young children, their toys need to be cleaned frequently and disinfected with proper attention. To make the disinfection process convenient and effective, Square Toiletries...

2w ago| Food & Recipes

Kebabs mouth-watering grilled delicacies

The word 'kebab' is derived from an Arabic word 'cabob' which means 'to burn or char'. Most of the famous kebabs like galouti, shami, and kakori originated in the...

2w ago| Lifestyle

40 percent discount at Mermaid Beach Resort

Where else can one find a piece of paradise, a private beach to oneself in a luxury, eco-friendly villa sitting on a vast, lush greenery just like a painting.

2w ago| Lifestyle

Khazana opens up their kitchen for home delivery

COVID-19 can no longer prevent you from appeasing your taste buds and the finest cuisines from your favourite fine dine restaurant, Khazana.

2w ago| Lifestyle

Badhon wears Aarong Jamdani at the Cannes Film Festival

Azmeri Haque Badhon, star of ‘Rehana Maryam Noor,’ only the second Bangladeshi film to have premiered at Cannes, grabbed the spotlight on the red carpet in her stunning Jamdani and silver jewellery...

Motherhood: a choice, not an obligation

The year 2021 is ringing with change but women claiming bodily autonomy is not one we are prepared for yet. The liberal (read: atypical) belief of “your body, your choice” is one shrouded with...