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The Anime and Video Game Hype at the Tokyo Olympics

Imagine playing volleyball to the soundtrack of Haikyuu!!

21h ago| SHOUT

For the Love of the (Unpopular) Game

How do these players and athletes fuel their passions and dreams?

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SHOUT Quiz: Find Your Inner Olympian

Out of the 339 events, do you know which one is your calling?

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I Can Speak 5 Languages. Here’s How You Can, Too.

Find a way that amuses you and your progress will feel natural.

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We’re "Happier Than Ever" with Billie Eilish’s new music

The album is noticeably more mature than her first.

4d ago| Entertainment

50 Years of the Concert for Bangladesh: How It Came to Be

The backstory of the concert scripted in the heavens.

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Not even the asters accepting your gaze.

1w ago| Editorial


For readers with a keen eye, or even a lazy one, this week’s SHOUT should look very different. It’s prettier, and it’s also an issue consisting only of fiction pieces.

1w ago| Education

Bangladeshi students in German universities seek assistance from Foreign Ministry for visa facilitation

“About 2,000 students have registered for visa appointments at the embassy since July last year," said Raihan, a student at a German technical university.