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Lines from Fuller Road

This dawn is unvarying, lovely, peaceful, dewy, Morning sky has opened its store of breathing clouds,

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The Last Frontier

Meanwhile I looked for space, for a new frontier.

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A Review of The Silence of the Girls

My first reaction to the knowledge that someone would attempt to re-tell the story of The Illiad appeared to be a foolhardy venture- one that was doomed to failure because it seemed too challenging...

Coevolution, not evolution

Yes, you have no reason to trust me: I am not your elder, I am not from your tribe;

Why Are You Sad, O River?

Many of us still remember the year 1998 when Chitra Nadir Paare (Quiet Flows the Chitra) was released in Dhaka; with Afsana Mimi’s smiling face on the big posters around Dhaka University campus,...

Snippets From “A View from the Ladies Common Room, Dacca University”

DU. How those letters conjure up a sense of awe and bittersweet memory. Always in the vanguard of political, progressive movements… Language (1952), Constitution (1962), Democracy (1968/69) and...

Diasporic Homes

Home? Of course, I have a home! In fact I have two—one is a conventional brick-veneered house in a suburb of a Victorian country town in Australia.

elegy written in a redbrick house

the postman plods his weary way eternal bag slung over shoulder comes up to me at the unearthly hour when evening azan brings dusk tumbling down like playful children somersaulting

The Tale of a Forgotten Ambassador: A rediscovery of the life of a patriot

N. S. Vinodh’s newly published book A Forgotten Ambassador in Cairo is the outcome of a fortuitous event. In March 2018, the author was taken for an unscheduled visit to the tomb of an Indian...