19 Himalayan vultures freed in nature

Vultures and other birds migrate in search of food during winter. Sometimes they fall sick due to lack of food while travelling such long distances.

Kuakata's conserved coastal forest being razed

Climate change has put the entire world at risk of natural calamities. Bangladesh faces a greater risk because it is a coastal country.

Once mighty Louhajang river now reduced to a canal

Once upon a time, Louhajang River in Tangail used to bear large cargo boats and passenger launches. But now, owing to the construction of a sluice gate, siltation and lack of water have virtually...

Dhaka: A city shrouded in toxic air

Bangladesh and its capital Dhaka have been consistently named in the top five when it comes to worst air pollution rankings since 2018. Extremely polluted air has been the cause of severe health...

Potted plants: No longer a breeding ground for mosquitoes?

Abdul Halim of Manikganj has studied science textbooks to devise a novel design for pots to grow plants, without them posing a risk of being breeding grounds for mosquito larvae.

Bangladeshis lose 5.4 years of their lives due to air pollution: Global study

Air pollution shortens the average Bangladeshi’s life expectancy by 5.4 years, said the latest edition of the Energy Policy Institute at Chicago's Air Quality Life Index (AQLI).