Unfriendly Dhaka for the forgotten 10 percent

The population of Dhaka is growing by a little over four percent per year and stands in its wider metropolitan area at an

A proposal for improving Dhaka's future transport scenario

Lately Dhaka's transport scenario has been deteriorating visibly under fast growing urbanisation, despite a number of transport

Low cost housing in Bangladesh

Housing is a basic need for civilised living. In a developing country like Bangladesh –housing inadequacies and backlog have been

Education, employment and human capital

Irrespective of the level of development of a country, economic growth is essential for raising the levels of employment and income.

The startup culture

The number of university graduates who are frustrated with the job market and the stagnating situation they find themselves in is

Desh Garments – A pioneer’s gift to his country

When people talk about Bangladesh, they usually refer to cyclones and floods. But then when people want to talk about the positive things that have come out of this country, they talk about the...