Tribute to a towering figure of history

We bring out a special issue today dedicated to the man who led us to freedom and made possible the birth of our country – Bangladesh – and whose birth centenary we start observing from today.

“Dedicate to the cause of the nation”

Prio Deshbashi, my colleagues in the Government of Bangladesh, before my return had declared March 17 as a public holiday on account of my birthday. At that time as you may remember I was a captive...

Letter to Tajuddin

[Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s confiscated letter written on 19.08.1966 from Dhaka Central Jail to Tajuddin Ahmed who was imprisoned in Mymensingh District Jail.]

My loving mother

When I went out in the morning, I noticed that those who had been interned in old cell number 20 were looking at me through an opening in the door. Little by little, I went towards them. I asked...

Encounter with Suhrawardy and Fazlul Huq

In 1938 a significant event of my life occurred. Mr [Fazlul] Huq was then the prime minister of Bengal and Mr Suhrawardy the

Bangabandhu’s first imprisonment

The Hindus and Muslims were somewhat wary of each other. There were a few Hindu villages surrounding Gopalganj town.