Editor’s Note

The history of our liberation war is as full of glory, valour, courage and sacrifice, as it is of tragedy.

Prof. Abdullah Abu Sayeed

Prof. Abdullah Abu Sayeed is a renowned writer, television presenter and activist. Born in Kolkata in 1939, Sayeed is the son of a well-known playwright.

Prof. a.m. Harun-ar-Rashid

Prof. A.m. Harun-ar-rashid is a distinguished physicist and science writer. He was born on May 1, 1933 in a remote village in Barisal district where his father...

Jharna Dhara Chowdhury

Harna Dhara Chowdhury is an eminent social activist and secretary of the Gandhi Ashram Trust in Jayag, Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Mahbubur Rahman

Mahbubur Rahman is a renowned business personality and current President of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Bangladesh. Born on July 10, 1942, Rahman is a pioneer in ensuring that both...

Matiur Rahman

Matiur Rahman is the Editor and Publisher of the daily Prothom Alo (First Light), the highest circulated newspaper of Bangladesh.