Addressing the accountability challenge of e-commerce

In recent years, Bangladesh has seen a rise in electronic commerce along with other countries around the world.

2w ago| Opinion

Backlogged factory inspections: Now is the time to act

We have witnessed yet another factory fire catastrophe but this time it involves a factory which does not cater to international garment retailers—hence, loss of lives of the workers burnt inside...

4w ago| Opinion

A negative-sum game in the energy sector

Recently, reports of two contradictory developments in the power and energy sector have befuddled readers in Bangladesh.

Commentary by Mahfuz Anam: An appeal to the chief justice

In Bangladesh, when we think, talk and seek justice, we think of the courts. And that is how it should be. Among the courts, the higher we go -- meaning the High Court, the Appellate Division --...

Commentary by Mahfuz Anam: DSA - the law that jails now kills

Mushtaq Ahmed, the writer, the commentator, the socially conscious citizen, the articulate but moderate voice of dissent and a critical observer of current events is dead.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Snapshots from the past, thoughts for the future

Thirty years ago, the coming together of a regionally famous editor and a near-novice at journalism along with some visionary investors—Azimur Rahman, AS Mahmud, Latifur Rahman, A. Rouf Chowdhury,...

A Tale of Newspaper Reading

After waking up in the morning, we all used to gather, one by one, at my mother’s bedroom. With a cup of tea in everyone’s hand and newspapers scattered on the bed… everyone would read a news item...

PM’s ‘martial law’ comment reflects people’s deeply held belief

The blunt statement on September 7 of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a virtual meeting with the Armed Forces Selection Board—that “we should exclude Martial Law from military lexicon”—was both...

Can more laws save us from becoming a corrupt state?

By using shell companies and moving money from one account to another, Prashanta Kumar Halder laundered at least Tk 3,500 crore out of the country and is now enjoying his life in Canada.

Is foul play the new normal?

You may have already seen the social media campaign ‘#payup’, asking Kardashian sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner to pay up their suppliers in Bangladesh. You may have also read about British brand,...

Combating coronavirus: Bagerhat volunteers restoring faith in humanity

While some refuse to help their own family members out of fear of the coronavirus, others step up to take care of complete strangers. United under the banner of ‘Health Service Volunteers’, around...

Kuakata's red crabs return to the beach

A shut-down is being enforced across the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus and tourist spots, including Kuakata’s beaches, have also been closed. With human activity at these spots...