14h ago| Opinion

Fazlul Huq and the Bangalee Muslim question

The phrase “Bangalee Muslim” is generally regarded as a “living oxymoron,” and the Bangalee Muslims are considered to be perennially trapped in a dilemma of identity over their Bangaleeness and...


Better strategy for climate finance is key to COP26 success

It is now well-recognised that the impacts of climate change will have significant economic costs in climate vulnerable countries.

This is not how Hindu devotees wanted to bid farewell to Durga

The scenes are at once familiar and unfamiliar.

3w ago| Crime & Justice

9 Years of Ramu mayhem: No closure, no justice

Nine years after the mindless communal attacks on the Buddhist community in Ramu upazila of Cox’s Bazar, the victims are yet to get justice as no significant progress has been made in the...

4w ago| In Focus

Legacy of the Kumar of Bhawal

Prior to the abolition of Zamindari in East Bengal (Bangladesh) in accordance with the ‘East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950’, the Bhawal zamindar estate was the second largest...

Rogue IPTVs on the prowl

Right opposite the Gabtoli bus terminal, there is a blue building squeezed between bus counters -- a hotel as seedy as it gets. A narrow flight of stairs takes customers up to the bare-bones rooms.

Tangail Sal forest dying a slow, preventable death

The Sal forest in Tangail has been shrinking at a speedy rate over the years, and there seems to be no way to prevent this tragedy under the present circumstances.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Pandemic’s biggest lesson -- restructure health sector to handle current, future pandemics

Simplistically put, it is a “procedure vs patient” issue—meaning a “bureaucracy vs ultimate beneficiary” tussle. We, of course, need procedures to work within, otherwise systems would collapse.

‘New’ town, same old mistakes

What was supposed to be an “ideal town” to take some of the population burden off Dhaka city has so far been revised five times since its initiation in 1995, with its progress still a far cry from...

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Al Jazeera story, government’s response and the state of our journalism

The Al Jazeera report on Bangladesh titled “All the Prime Minister’s Men”, aired early Tuesday morning, revealed some vulnerabilities of our power structure that pivots around connections, cronyism...

Tribute by Mahfuz Anam: Mizanur Rahman, a life of excellence achieved through sheer willpower

He wanted to be an excep-tional journalist, and he was. It was as if he willed himself to be what he wanted to be.

Column by Mahfuz Anam: Ignoring allegations is not the answer, investigating them is

The Election Commission (EC) must be above question. But to be so, it must answer all questions. To ignore, evade, downplay or malign citizens who ask the questions is the surest way to sow doubt...