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Women’s attires are reason the country is bad in all indexes: Study

“Corruption is high in Chapasthan. Do you guys really know why? Because of the dresses and clothes the women of this country wear,” Jamanai Mia, the chief researcher of Meyeder Poshak Gobeshona...

19h ago| Satireday

Don’t judge a judge by his designation

Prodhan Biplob, a self-proclaimed judge and a revolutionary by name, was arrested by police in Chapasthan while establishing the veracity of the axiom “Don’t judge a judge by his designation”. 

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Where the date for the next meeting is set

A high-powered research firm has found that scheduling the next meeting was the only outcome in 98 percent of meetings in companies surveyed.  

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Fifth release of Cloak Studio draws attention from all walks of life: Webinar

Just like everyone else, the Satireday page also could not hold itself back from dedicating some column space to the much loved and much hated Cloak Studio following its fifth release.   

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Banks offer ticket loans for powerfully powerless cousins

Even as Chapasthan’s per capita income continues to surge, people are failing to buy transport tickets. And so, the heart-touching reality of relatives of rulers being unable to afford train...

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Authorities going all out for ‘2 Fair 2 Free’ polls

Chapasthan is once again gearing up for its Ultra Free, Giga Fair National Election. This time, it’s going to be freer and fairer than ever.  

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Men get most joy in disbelieving women, proving they are liars: Survey

The world does not like believing women and that fact has been further supported by a recent worldwide survey.

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This just in Football isn’t dead

A lot had changed in the world of football since 2019: Real Madrid, once a European powerhouse, stooped to the lowest of lows, having failed to win any Champions League in the previous three attempts.

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New police station to have play area inside jail cell

After many debates, demonstrations and detentions, law enforcers have finally come to a solution regarding the Lebutala playground issue.

Real Madrid or Liverpool: Who will win the Champions League?

We are at the end of another great season of the UEFA Champions League, the biggest event in European club football. And in this much-awaited final, two European giants, Real Madrid and Liverpool,...

Is this ‘satire’?

The following is a summary of all the complaints about this page’s content, mostly gleaned from social media, and a satire writer’s foolhardy attempt to answer them.

The conscious citizen

This art installation of a conscious citizen wearing a plastic stool on his head is a metaphor for wider society. There is a camera around his neck,

Country launches 18-plus launch service

The country yet again took another traffic-jam changing decision by deciding not to sell any tickets to persons without NIDs. People have already started to call this measure an “18-plus launch...