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Post-Covid riches: CEOs hit record numbers paying employees pandemic-era salaries

Business owners and CEOs in Chapasthan have started dominating the Forbes Richest list after the end of the Covid-22 pandemic, and it has largely been because no one but the one-percenters know...

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Ultra-elite friend group at upscale eatery constantly apologising for privilege

While I personally constantly strive for the good life, I can hardly afford the good life due to my profession and its limitations.

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Country plans to hold its own Olympics to win medals

After every 4 years, Chapasthan wallows in the sorrow of not being able to win an Olympic medal despite partaking in the Games since 1984.

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Auntie says ‘I told you so’

An auntie yesterday reminded her nieces and nephews that she told them so, after all of them were laid low with the flu.

Want to know your history in HD? Accuse someone powerful of sexual assault

A new trend has taken hold in Chapasthan, which has seen multiple accusations of sexual assault against powerful, politically connected individuals so that the so-called victims can learn of their...

InCEL member terms ‘masked men date’ hogwash

After months of faithful mask-wearing amid the Covid-22 pandemic, a group calling themselves the Infinitely Charming and Evergreen Lads (InCEL) has announced a ban on its members wearing masks even...

Government offers information streaming service Proper Gander for only 300 BDT per month

The government yesterday declared that not all citizens had the right to information, but they could get it by paying a modest amount.

Unmasked roundtable at a round table in Hotel Just-In on Eid home-goers spreading Covid-22

People going home in droves during Eid in Chapasthan was the main reason Covid-22 will spread throughout the country, the capital city’s elite said at a roundtable at Hotel Just-in yesterday.

Bill to open up to sympathetic Bangladeshi online media instead of Oprah

“She forced me to take weeklong vacations with an ex-girlfriend. She forced me to spend days on the beach with my ex.”

Four brave women perform funeral rites of female Covid victims

Four women from Mymensingh have come forward to perform the funeral rites for female Covid-19 deceased -- an altruistic work beyond social stigma and health risk, a work where only male volunteers...

Morally upstanding preacher loves wife so much, he wants two of them

A morally upstanding preacher, who made a name for himself by spewing violent vitriol against more liberal members of his community on a daily basis, yesterday disclosed to the media that he had a...

Transfer is the greatest punishment: ICJ declares

The International Court of Jokes (ICJ) has recently declared that a transfer is one of the worst punishments and is a fitting form of ‘capital’ punishment for many government officials.

‘Homelessness a great excuse to work harder’

Is it better to stay in a toilet for seven months with four others or is it better to work 10-hour shifts with no toilet breaks?